Produces Honey From Marijuana: Bees Collect Resin From Cannabis! (VIDEO)

Bees have always been harmful insects in nature that create healthy sweet honey but now we will show you how they can produce honey from marijuana.

One Frenchman decided to do something unusual with their bees.

Nicholas (39), trainer of bees from France, became so popular on social networks, because he does something that many only talked about. But no one was able to do that. In his free time he is engaged in beekeeping, arts and locksmithing and also has been an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

He managed to trained their bees to produce honey pot! Honey obtained from the marijuana Nicholas called CannaHoney. According to him, the bees draw Rezin of hemp, which he personally finds it very healing.

“I learned the bees to collect sugar from fruit instead of flowers,” said Nicholas.

Given that no endocannabinoid system, the insects do not mind but they kind of food. Beekeeper thinks that everything will go through their body then will be improved.

The past few years, Nicholas tried to merge the love of marijuana and bees. And now, finally managed to train the bees to collect pollen from flowers of cannabis. honey obtained from the marijuana Nicholas called “CannaHoney”.

I trained bees to work a few things. For example to collect sugar from fruit instead of flowers and surprisingly got the idea to try to collect trained cannabis resin – said Nicholas. Although this phenomenon no one who has not examined, so do not really know how much cannabis is present in the final product, Nicholas claims that his product is very healthy.

And since they have no endocannabinoid system of this herbal insects do not harm, but rather serve as food. Beekeeper thinks that everything passes through their body sleeps later improved. Nicholas is fond of nature and insects from childhood, a great advocate for medical marijuana. With beekeeping is for more than 20 years. Mahout bees for honey production of hemp study in 2006, and three years ago proved a success, with trained bees that produce honey from cannabis.

Nicholas now owns thirty jars and work plans to continue in Spain, where have less restrictions and more professionals in the field of beekeeping and he can produce cannabis honey peacefully.

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