Hilarious Dog Cheats And Wins The Running Competition!

Hilarious Dog Cheats And Wins The Running Competition!

So this is the doggy Olympics. Contestants aren’t the world’s best athletes, but they are the best around. There are a multiple events, but the doggy foot race is one of the most popular. Once you see the video, you might understand why.

These puppies are all lined up at the start. One of their parents holds them ready behind the line, while the other is at the end of the track, urging them to come to them. All the dogs seem eager, but one in the center has a few tricks up his sleeve. When the race starts, he gets a good lead, and then does something no one expects!

Take a look at this video!

That may not be the most ethical race ever ran, but a win is a win, is it not? So what do you think? Did this dog win or not? In our book, they’re all winners! Share if you agree!

Source: http://www.heroviral.com/dog-cheats/

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